Frank Rosypel Swearing In

Frank Rosypal


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I am currently a Councillor for the Town of Mundare.  My family and I have lived in Mundare since 1978.  We have 2 grown children, 4 grandchildren and one great grandchild.  As my children were growing up, I was an active volunteer in various community activites.

I have served 5 terms on Town Council: 1986-1989;2001-2004; 2007-2010; 2010-2013 and from October 2013 to the present.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and 'picking' on the grandchildren--the best thing about grandchildren--you can send them home when you're tired of them!!

(Actually, I love them dearly, and I especially like to spend time with little Bently, my great grandchild).