Town of Mundare Council 2020


Front L-R Cheryl Callinoiu; Mayor Mike Saric;Irene Talaga ; Back L-R Jason Kowal; Frank Rosypal; 

Council meetings are @7:00pm in council chambers on the first and third Tuesday of the month.  July and August will have one meeting on the the first Tuesday and December will have one meeting on the second Tuesday.

Contact: Mayor Mike Saric ; Cheryl Calinoiu ; Jason KowalIrene Talaga;Frank Rosypal

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Jaime Burghardt October 2017-October 2018
Cheryl Calinoiu October 2018-October 2019
Jason Kowal October 2019-October 2020
Irene Talaga      October 2020-October 2021


Council Departments

Public Works and Utilties Cheryl Calinoiu
Emergency services - includes Ambulance & Fire Dept Jason Kowal
Parks and Recreation Jaime Burghardt
Policing and Security Jason Kowal
Tourism Irene Talaga


St. Michael Regional Solid Waste Commission Mike Saric
Alternate Jason Kowal
Lamont County Housing Foundation Irene Talaga
Disaster Services Committee All Council
Mundare Municipal Library Board Cheryl Calinoiu
Alternate Jaime Burghardt
Mundare Recreation Facilities Jamie Burghardt
John S. Batiuk Regional Water Commission Mike Saric
Alternate Frank Rosypal
Mary Immaculate Hospital Foundation Jason Kowal
Family and Community  Social Services (FCSS) Irene Talaga
Alternate  Cheryl Calinoiu
Community Adult Learning Council (CALC) Frank Rosypal
Alternate Jason Kowal
Communities in Bloom Irene Talaga
School Advisory Council Cheryl Calinoiu
Alternate Frank Rosypal
Vegreville Tourism Advisory Board Allan Dubyk
Community Futures Board Irene Talaga

Municipal Planning Commission

 Till Oct of 2021
Council members

Jason Kowal
Irene Talaga
Mike Saric

Members at large Darrel Johnson
Catherine Rakchaev
Subdivision Authority

Intermunicipal Planning Committee
Till Oct 2021
Jane Dauphinee

Till Oct 2021
Council members Frank Rosypal
Cheryl Calinoiu
CAO Colin Zyla
Subdivision and Development appeal board clerks Theresa Warawa and Lisa Euchuk
Assessment Review Board Till Oct 2021
  Charlie Gargus
Carlee Leliuk
Sandra Ling
Clerk Colin Zyla
FCSS public member at large Jodi Conley - till Oct 2017
Mundare Municipal Library Board Donna Clarke
Lois Zyla
Theresa Warawa
Patricia Tompkins
Lillian Sabo
Jodie Conley
NLLS Lillian Sabo (Till Oct 2021)
Fire Chief Glenda Dales
Auditor JMD Group
Lawyer Reynolds, Mirth, Richards and Farmer
Engineer ISL Engineering and Land Services

 council departments 2020