Property Tax Monthly Installment Payment Plan
You can sign up for a monthly tax installment payment program.  To qualify, all prior years' taxes must be paid in full by December 31 of the prior year.  For more details contact the Town Office.

Property Tax Discounts
The town of Mundare will give a 5% discount on prepaid municipal property taxes.  To qualify your account must be in good standing and payment must be made by January 31.

A 10% penalty will be added to unpaid taxes on August 1, and another 10% will be added again if not paid by January 1st.
Utilities outstanding for 90 days will be transferred to taxes.

How to make Payments
Tax payments can be made by check, cash, or debit at the town office during regular working hours or on line through your bank.
We accept on line or telephone banking payments through the following banks:
     ATB, Servus Credit Union, BMO, and Torronto Dominion 

We also except e-transfers, please contact us for more information on how to do this, As well we are now able to process a PAP(Pre-authorized payment) through any bank, which will automaticly come out of your accounts the last day of each month or for the full amount once a year.  Please stop in to the town office to fill out the paper work, or contact us through email at