Covid-19 Update

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The construction season for 2009 is coming to an end and along with it so is the work along Main Street. 
The good news is because we were allowed to work on all areas of the site simultaneously the majority of the project will be completed in 2009 and only a small amount of the work will carry-over into 2010. 
Thank-you to all for your patience during this very complex and challenging project.

For the balance of the construction season, which we assume to be the end of October or early November, the following work progress is anticipated:

The installation of the streetlights will be complete and should be energized in the very early November.

The concrete curb, swale, tree well and paving stone walkway work will continue and should be complete before the end of the 2009 construction season.  Only a small amount of this work may carry-over into 2010 if the  weather does not cooperate.

The paving stone walkways at the intersections of 51st and 52nd Avenues will likely be delayed until 2010.

The balance of the paving work along 50th Street, the Avenues and in between the railway track and Hwy 15 will be completed in early November if the weather cooperates.  If the weather does not cooperate, these areas will be left with a gravel surface over the winter and paved in early 2010.  In any event, most of these areas will be open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic over the winter.

An attempt will be made to install some of the soft and hard landscaping this fall.  Since this work is starting so late in the season it is anticipated that the majority of the landscaping work will carry over and be completed in early 2010.

Thank-you again for your continued patience.  Should you have any construction related issues and need to contact one of our staff, please feel free to contact the following.

Dave Laforce, Project Manager - Eng-Con Holding  Phone (780) 554-6119

Doug Buryn, Project Manager - North West Paving Phone (780) 818-5521

Dave Tarkowski, Project Manager - Jatec Electri    Phone (780) 699-6213


Dave Laforce, R.E.T., R.P.T. (Eng.)

Project Manager





June 15

           DSCF1114_-_2               DSCF1113_Track_Hoe

June 30

           DSCF1119              DSCF1121

          DSCF1122               DSCF1137

         DSCF1123                DSCF1127  



       July 13

        DSCF1157               DSCF1162


       DSCF1176             DSCF1177