Business Opportunity

Building Down Town

The Town of Mundare decided to offer entrepreneurs a Business Opportunity, by selling Main Street lots for $1.00 each (on condition that buyers obtain development permits and begin construction within one year, with construction to be completed within one year of starting it).  The Town also offered a tax incentive for a business's first years of operation.
All available lots have been sold, and there is a waiting list of people interested in purchasing should previous buyers choose not to proceed.
Information on Tax incentive please see the policy at the bottom of the page then contact Colin (780) 764-3929 if you have more questions.

The general purpose of this District is to allow commercial development appropriate for the downtown business district of the municipality, involving fairly high-density development. The regulations do not allow uses that are obnoxious or involve excessive outside storage.

Permitted Uses
Eating establishments
Office uses
Personal service shops
Public parks
Retail stores
Manufacture or treatment of products essential to the retail business conducted on the premises provided that the floor space area used is not greater than 400sq.m (4306Sq.ft.), and such activity does not involve the use of hazardous chemicals or the killing of animals for meat. Suitable manufacturing uses include: a bakery, the manufacture of candy, confectionary, ice cream or jam
Buildings and uses accessory to permitted uses

Discretionary Uses
Alcohol retail sales
Amusement establishments
Bowling alleys
Child care facilities
Commercial schools
Drinking establishments
Entertainment establishments
Gas Bars
Institutional uses
Medical clinics
Parking lots
Public utilities
Service stations
Shopping centre
Vehicle and equipment sales/rental
Vehicle and equipment repair shops
Veterinary services
Dwelling units in building used for any of the above mentioned permitted discretionary uses
Accessory dwelling units, whether or not they are located within a building used for any of the above mentioned permitted or discretionary uses
Other uses which, in the opinion of the Development Authority, are similar to the above mentioned permitted and discretionary uses
Buildings and uses accessory to discretionary uses

Please see the link below on how the dollar Per Lot program works

66.04- Dollar per lot