Public Works

Mundare: Public Works Department

Mundare Public Works

Consists of 3 full-time employees and in the summer, 3 extra summer students.

Public works take care of all snow removal, sidewalk sweeping in the winter, garbages in public areas. In the summer grass cutting in all public properties, park maintenance, public garbages, and water and sewer issues throughout the year.  If you need to get ahold of public works please contact through email:

or by phone: (780)208-4464


Base rate per month Single residential and commercial $10.00

Water rate-- $1.70/cubic metre (1  cubic metre = 220 gallons); $7.72 for 4.54 cubic metres (4 cubic metres =  one thousand gallons)

Reconnection fee -- $25.00

(If requested, for unoccupied residences, garbage fees will be suspended till house is occupied. Water fees will still be charged unless the cc valve is shut off.


Account holders--$4.75/m3 (220 gallons)

Truck/Bucket fill--$6.25m3 (220 gallons)


Installation, replacement, repair of sewer service line-Town cost plus 10%

Snaking of sewer service line 

  • During regular work hours (two hour maximum).  $75/hr
    • Over two hours $35/hr/person
  • After regular work hours (two hour maximum)     $150.00
    • Over two hours  $45/hr/person

Base Rate:

Single Residential & Commercial $10.00

Flat Rate:

Residential    $9.50

Commercial   $12.00

Utility Rate Change

PETS Residents are reminded that it is your responsibility to keep your pets in the yard.  This includes during the night.  Please be Courteous to the citizens of our Town and pick up after your animal when walking them.  Animal licences are due January 1 of each year.