Base rate per month Single residential and commercial $11.20

Water rate-- $2.26/cubic metre (1  cubic metre = 220 gallons); $9.99 for 4.54 cubic metres (4 cubic metres =  one thousand gallons)

Reconnection fee -- $25.00

(If requested, for unoccupied residences, garbage fees will be suspended till house is occupied. Water fees will still be charged unless the cc valve is shut off.

Water Reserve funds $2.00


Account holders--$5.20/m3 (220 gallons)

Truck/Bucket fill--$6.35m3 (220 gallons)


Installation, replacement, and repair of sewer service line-Town cost plus 10%

Snaking of sewer service line 

  • During regular work hours (two hour maximum).  $100/hr
    • Over two hours $40/hr/person
  • After regular work hours (two hour maximum)     $200.00
    • Over two hours  $50/hr/person

Base Rate:

Single Residential              $14.20
Commercial                       $17.90

Reserve funds $2.00

more rates available on bylaw 951/24

any utility bill amount outstanding after the date fixed for payment shall incur a penalty of 5%

Development Fees

Application for Development Form


Development Permit

Development Permits are needed for any structure over 100 square feet  and or fences


-Single residential and duplexes     125.00      

-Whitetail Crossing                    325.00      

-Multi-family( three or more units) 175.00+50/unit max 5000.00      

-Decks/Sheds                              30.00      

-Detached accessory building       75.00      

-Non residential-general               225.00                             

-large                    TBD      

-Compliance Certificate               90.00 ( + GST)      

-Development/subdivision appeal     600.00         

 -Land Use/ MDP Amendment          800.00  


Superior Safety Codes Inc. will provide applications for Building (including decks), Electrical, Plumbing, Gas Permits  


Assessment/Taxation Finance

Assessment Compliant Fee  $90.00+ GST

Tax Certificate   Fee             $31.50 (includes GST)    


Please also find the Whitetail Development package for new builds Subdivision forms