Pay Utilities & Taxes

 Paying Utilities or Taxes

In Person

Come to the town office and we will accept cash, cheques or debit, we now accept credit cards as well, (see below for more information on credit card payments)

Drop box

To pay your utilities or taxes, you may come to the town office,( there is hand sanitizer just inside the main door on the right side wall), put your payment in the supplied envelopes with your information on the front and drop in the drop box just out side our office door in the lobby.


If you can't make it in during business hours, you are able to pay on-line through most banking institutions. Please make sure you have your correct account number and are diligent on selecting either taxes or utilities as we do not check every account, it automatically applies to the account you have chosen.


If you are unable to pay on-line, then you can also pay by e-transfer by sending your payment to, when sending an e-transfer please put in the message area,what address you would like this payment to be applied to then send a second e-mail to with the password you used, and your contact information, in case we run into any issues.

Pre-Authorized Payment

We now have the option to pay by Pre-Authorized Payment for both taxes and utilities. Pre-authorized pay online Fillable is the form you need to fill out and send back to us. You can e-mail the completed form to and we will process it. If you need any help with setting up your payments, please don't hesitate to call, we would be happy to help.

Credit Card     

A new way to pay...we now can accept credit card payments by clicking the link below or by phoning us your information over the phone. Please be aware that there is a nominal charge.


Please be advised that the credit card company will be charging you according to the list found in the link below.
Fee for using credit card service: FEES