Covid-19 Update

State of public health emergency. Mandatory Measures in effect province wide.


 Garbage Collection & Rates

Recycle (blue bags) picked up every Tuesday, and Garbage (Grey bins) picked up every thursday

All rates are per month.

The garbage collection rates are:

Roll Off Bin-first $25.80
-extra bin 20.15

Commercial Garbage Bins
2 yd $108.10
4 yd 172.90
6 yd 244.80
8 yd 324.10
Bin rental for all sizes - the rate charged by the contractor
Lift pickup -   the rate charged by the contractor
Recycle Bins - the rate charged by the contractor
Hilliard Roll Off Bins $25.80
Replacement of lost/damaged roll off bins - the rate charged by the contractor
Replacement of damaged commercial/recycle bins - the rate charged by the contractor


Utility Penalties

Any utility bill amount outstanding after the date fixed for payment shall incur a penalty of 5%

Penalties for offenses under the garbage collection bylaw:

First Offence Penalty

Burning Garbage within Town limits


Improper conveyance of garbage


Throwing garbage onto public property or private property other the their own


Removal, scattering of garbage


Placing prohibited garbage in a bin


Placing garbage in a garbage container, garbage bin or garbage stand without


Garbage containers, stands or bins placed in a location that impedes pedestrian 
or vehicular traffic


Placing material in a recycling bin/bag other than the proper recycling material




Second Offense


Second or subsequent offence within one year of the original offence

Twice the original fine

Offence with no penalty       Not more than 250.00