In Memory

Eleanor M Kaser was a resident of Mundare from 1918 to 1935.  Her father, Fred Kendel was happily in charge of the North American Granin Company for many years.

In her childhood she spent many hours of pure pleasure in the meadow south of her home, and has sent us her poem "Ode to a Prairie Meadow" which records the source of her memories gathered there.  Quote " I could not have had a happier start to my long life"


As I turn back the pages of time
I see it still-"The Prairie Meadow" Next door
Which I believed, as a small child,
Belonged exclusively to me,
Except for the two brown fat cows
Which grazed there regularly,
Behind the barb wire fence, that defined
The land for their security.
While on the quiet pool near by
Two wild ducks swam peacefully,
and at the pond's edge,
Rare prairie flowers bloomed-
Lady slippers, Lilies and Shooting Stars returned
"Year by year" because as a young girl,
I guarded them in their Secret Hideaway.
In the Alder Copse the Prairie Song Birds
Reigned supreme
The Robins, Bluebirds, Wrens, Meadowlarks and Orioles
They  were still there
To build their nests, raise their young
And provide "Background Music" for me.
My "Wild Bird Symphony".
On one occasion,
My dear Father axxompanied me
With shingles, nails and a green broomstick
He climbed through the barb wired fence
To design a 'Water Wheel' for the melting snow
Where the wheel turned faithfully and regularly,
Creating pure Magic for my Reverie.
It was there, too, I enjoyed the summer treats of
Raspberries, Saskatoons and Sweet Strawberries,
The field had furnished generoudly for me

Now I ask myself at times
How often in my crowded life,
When the road was steep and challenging,
Have I returned there, to seek, and find,
My Solace and Tranquility?
by Eleanor M. Kaser