Water & Sewer

Water / Sewer

Water Rates:

All water rates are per month.

Base rate:

Single residential and commercial $ 11.20
Mundare School 135.90
Father Filas Manor 244.00
Dr. Strilchuk Villa 66.90
Father Kryzanowski Villa 89.10
Mary Immaculate Hospital 440.10     
Basilian Fathers Church 25.60
Apartments-4 unit 44.60

Reserve funds 1.00

Water rate $2.20/ m3 (220 gallons)
($9.99/4.54 m3 (thousand gallons))

Reconnection fee $25

If requested, for unoccupied residences, garbage and sewer fees will be suspended till house is occupied. Water fees will still be charged unless the cc valve is shut off.

Truck/bucket fill

Account holders $5.20/ m3 (220 gallons)
Truck/bucket fill $6.35/ m3 (220 gallons)

Water Charges

Installation of a meter for new construction or replacement of a meter due to damage caused by the occupant - Town cost plus $25.

Installation, replacement, repair of water service line - Town cost plus 10%


All rates are per month

Residential $13.70
Commercial 17.30
Large Commercial 255.20
School 194.30
Father Filas Manor 237.30
Dr. Strilchuk Villa 57.80
Father Kryzanowski Villa 74.60
Mary Immaculate Hospital 308.70
Community Groups 25.20
Service Stations (no car wash) 43.10
Restaurants 43.10
Basilian Fathers Monastery 43.10
Basilian Fathers Monastery Laundry 66.20
Apartments-4 unit 50.40

Reserve Funds 1.00

Sewer Charges
Installation, replacement, repair of sewer service line Town cost plus 10%

Snaking of sewer service line (minimum of one hour)

-during regular work hours- $100/2 hours/2 people
-over 2 hours $40/person/hour
-after hours-$200/2 hours/2 people
-over 2 hours $50/person/hour

Septic Tank Contractor
-customer outside of Town $50/truck
$25/ a half truck
-customers inside Town $25/truck
$10/half truck

For penalties, refer to Utility Rates Bylaw 871/16.

On September 1, 2015 Council passed Policy #15/209 - Sewer Service Line Replacement Policy - covering the allocation of costs of replacing sewer service lines between the Town and property owners.